Five Reasons Why We’re Different

How We Differ From Other Natural Therapists:

  • We offer streamlined programs as well as casual visits. Our Return to Health Program gives you the opportunity to have a structure where you know exactly where you are (your current health status), where you’re going (your end goal) and approximately how long it will take to get there. Alternatively, our Wellness Care program gives you the opportunity to do all this plus reach your full health potential.  And our Optimal Wellness program takes this one step further by giving you full access to all treatments at the clinic, as often as you want!   
  • Unlike many naturopaths, we use clinical testing to get to the root cause of your health issues. Our sensitive tests identify what’s going on in your body, where the imbalances are and what your body needs to get better.  We also give you a full report and explanation of your test results if you are a member of one of our health programs.
  • We have so much confidence in our services that we offer a fabulous Money Back Guarantee on the first month of our 12 and 24 month programs.
  • You receive a Complementary Bioresonance Scan valued at $86 when you come for an initial comprehensive naturopathic consultation. 
  • Our naturopath is also qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so he draws on the best of both eastern and western natural medicine.  Please visit our pain relief site to read more about this aspect of the practice.

At Natural Pain Solutions Australia we actively cultivate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We have a passion for health and wellbeing and continually strive for excellence in our standard of care.

We know you will enjoy your visit.