Welcome to our new website!

A week ago it was brought to our attention that our naturopathic website had been hacked.  Yep, if you went to www.naturopathysolutions.com.au last Friday, you would have arrived at a black screen with propaganda about the Palestinian Freedom movement and pictures of freedom fighters.  So if you happened across our website in the past week, I do apologise!  No, we hadn’t decided to suddenly support a random cause… in fact, I am feeling rather peeved right now at whatever group was responsible, as not only did they replace our front page with their propaganda, they deleted our entire site!  Even worse, the backups were also corrupted.

But, every cloud has a silver lining, and the end result is that after several days of hard yakka, we have a brand spanking new website, which is much more advanced than the last one and includes blog functionality.  AND it’s what’s called ‘responsive’, which, as I have learned, means that you can view it easily on a smartphone or tablet without having to scroll this way and that to see the screen.  Wonderful stuff!

We hope you enjoy our new website, and please feel free to ask questions on the blog.  Janet or I will be checking it daily, and anything we can’t answer we shall refer to the Grand Master (aka Scott) for his expertise.

Fiona Hankinson

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