Our Products

The Dispensary

Our Dispensary is comprised of herbal medicines, nutritional and food supplements and homoeopathic medicines.

Many of our products are made in-house using our Naturopath’s own formulations.  Our Naturopath will often make up a personal formula for you if he feels this will help you to heal more quickly.

The remainder of our Dispensary is comprised of selected products by reputed companies such as Metagenics, Solagran, Bioceuticals and Blackmores.

Healthy Living Products

We also offer a select range of products designed to reduce the toxic load on your body –  natural hair products, cleaning products, stainless steel and glass water bottles, and healthy foods and snacks are just some of the items we sell.

Water filters are a big focus for us, as we believe clean, pH balanced, chemical-free, mineral-rich water is fundamental to good health.  We offer a range of different filtration options ranging from alkalising ‘sticks’ you can put inside your water bottle through to shower filters and tap filters.

Online Shop

We are in the process of creating an online shop, through which current clients will be able to purchase Dispensary items.  The ‘Healthy Living’ section of the shop will be open to the general public.