Our Therapies

Primary Practitioner Scott Hankinson speaks about some of the therapies
and health programs on offer at Natural Pain Solutions.

Our techniques have been carefully selected to bring you natural relief AND the opportunity to create complete wellness. We aim not just to relieve your condition, but to fix the underlying cause.


Complete programs to help permanently correct your health condition AND help you to reach complete wellness. Our approach is guided by thorough clinical testing to ensure our treatments and recommendations work.  You can also come to see us for casual visits if you prefer.

Herbal Medicine

Our primary practitioner, Scott Hankinson, has qualifications in both traditional Western herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbology, and as a qualified Naturopath he utilises his knowledge of both traditions.


Homoeopathy is now used worldwide, with a 200 year history of clinical experience, and is recognised by the World Health Organisation. At Natural Pain Solutions we utilise advanced technology, in the form of our Asyra bioeresonance scanner, to discover the exact homoeopathic remedy you need.

Acupressure and related services

Due to regulatory requirements we cannot advertise these services on this site. Please visit our dedicated pain relief site, www.acupuncturesolutions.com.au, for information.


The secret of Europe’s elite athletes, practised by conventional and natural doctors alike, is now revolutionising natural pain treatments here in Australia.

Spinal & Joint Alignment

A gentle yet highly effective technique from Germany that combines targeted pressure with movement to align your spine and joints.

Frequency Therapy

Using natural frequencies to target specific problems.

Remedial Massage

Highly experienced and extremely effective, our massage therapist combines deep tissue massage with acupressure and trigger point therapy.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

To release any emotional blockages that can contribute to the cause of your pain or any other condition.