Our Fabulous Program Guarantee

Choose any of our 12 or 24 month Health Programs and get the benefit of our Money-Back Guarantee! We will substantially relieve your pain or discomfort within the first month of treatment or we guarantee to:

Refund all the money you have spent on our services; OR 
Treat you for free until your pain or discomfort is substantially relieved; OR

Book and pay for your first treatment with a competitor!

PLEASE NOTE:  This guarantee is subject to you carrying out your practitioner’s recommendations. Please note that certain health complaints (eg, terminal conditions, arthritis and long-term degenerative complaints) are not covered by this guarantee. We often achieve vast improvements with such complaints but not necessarily within the first month.  If you are unsure whether your complaint is covered, please ask your practitioner.  All guarantee claims must be acted upon within the first month of treatment.