Free Scan Valued at $86 With Your Initial Comprehensive Consultation


The Asyra scan is fast and non-invasive.

Natural Pain Solutions is currently offering a free scan valued at $86 when you have a Comprehensive Initial Consultation. The scanning is performed on bioresonance scanning device called an Asyra (known as Qest4 in the United States).  The scan is non-invasive and assesses different aspects of the human bioenergetic field.  It is an excellent means of giving an overview of your health status and highlighting possible health issues, both overt and below the surface.

Bioenergetic scanning does not diagnose disease states; rather it assesses physiologic abnormalities and/or toxic conditions that underlie or lead to disease states, and it stratifies these conditions in order of importance. This helps us concentrate on the root causes of a health problem, and not just on its manifestations.


The Asyra scans the organ systems of the body.

For example, if your problem is heart disease, then the real problem is the internal ecology of the body that led to the heart disease in the first place, and which may lead to more disease in the future.  Knowing the causes means we can address ill-health head on, enabling us to help heal the body from the ground up rather than only treating symptoms.

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