Clinical Testing

We pride ourselves on the depth and range of tests we offer

Whether it’s assessing the health of your blood cells live on a large screen while you watch, analysing the biochemistry of your urine and saliva, scanning the health of your body’s energy fields or external laboratory testing, our tests thoroughly cover the micro to the macro.

We offer the following categories of tests and scans:


Our lab assistant in action!


How our tests differ from your doctor’s

We often have clients who come to us because they feel unwell but their doctor’s tests show nothing is wrong.  This is usually because medical tests are primarily designed to identify disease states, and the body is not yet unwell enough to have manifested a disease.  The fact is, however, that disease doesn’t happen overnight – it is normally the result of many years of particular dietary or lifestyle choices, during which you may experience any number of mysterious symptoms.  

If you feel unwell but nothing is showing up on medical tests, this is an ideal time to visit a naturopath.  It’s a sign that your body is struggling against an unhealthy internal environment, resulting in the symptoms you’re experiencing – symptoms which, if left unchecked, may worsen until disease does occur.

At Natural Pain Solutions our tests are aimed not at diagnosing disease states but assessing the health of your body’s internal environment.  Just like a healthy garden needs healthy soil and plenty of nourishment, so the internal ecosystem of your body needs to be healthy in order for YOU to be healthy and feel great. Our tests enable us to discover the imbalances and deficiencies in your personal ecosystem, and our naturopath will then assist you to correct these imbalances using his expertise in nutrition and powerful natural remedies.  Further, he’ll educate you on how to optimise your health long into the future.

Testing can be done on an as-needs basis, however we encourage our clients to participate in a health program where tests are completed systematically and a complete ‘Report of Findings’ on your health can be created.  This way you get a complete picture of your health status, and the naturopath has a vast depth of information on which to draw in order to prescribe accurately and create an effective Action Plan to restore your health.  We offer a number of different health programs for different budgets.


Three ways in-house clinical testing benefits you

Natural Pain Solutions has gone to great expense to buy the best equipment to enable us to conduct most of our testing in-house. There are three reasons for this:

  1. It means we can get results instantly, rather than having to wait days or weeks.  This means we can start treating you sooner.
  2. External laboratory testing is very expensive for the consumer, so offering in-house tests means we can provide our clients with excellent value for money, enabling them to afford to have more testing done and thus giving us greater insight into their health, and consequently improving our success in helping our clients to heal permanently.
  3. Using our own equipment means we can trust your test results one hundred percent.  All laboratories have their own calibration methods, which can result in a large variation of test results between laboratories.  All our equipment is calibrated to a high standard by our laboratory assistant, meaning that we can establish genuine baseline results against which to accurately monitor your progress.